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Version 4.1.0

· 2 min read
Trygve Lie

Version 4.1.0 of @podium/layout and @podium/podlet are now available.


This release contain some minor changes to the .js() and .css() methods in both @podium/layout and @podium/podlet paves ground for work we are doing to improve asset handling and bundling when building microfrontends with Podium.

These changes are:

Currently the .js() and .css() methods return theirs target value when called. This is now deprecated and these methods will cease to return a value in the near future.

If you are doing something like this:

app.get(podlet.js({ value: '/assets.js' }), (req, res) => {
res.status(200).sendFile('./src/js/main.js', err => {});

You should rewrite it to the following:

app.get('/assets.js', (req, res) => {
res.status(200).sendFile('./src/js/main.js', err => {});

podlet.js({ value: '/assets.js' });

In addition to this .js() and .css() can now take an array of options objects so its possible to set multiple assets in one go.

app.use('/assets', express.static('./src/js'));

{ value: '/assets/main.js' },
{ value: '/assets/extra.js' },

We will write more about our work on asset handling and bundling when we have some more concrete code to show.


This release does also contains a small fix to the proxy preventing it from resolving a proxy request as successful after a failed proxy request has occurred.

This mostly affected metrics causing failed proxy requests to also be counted as successfull requests.