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Handling redirects from podlets

By default, the client registered in a layout will follow a redirect, and use the HTML response as if it came from the podlet directly.

Define a podlet as redirectable

If a podlet should trigger a redirect for the end user, or you want to handle redirects in a different way, you have to configure the client as redirectable:

const gettingStarted = layout.client.register({
/* ... */
redirectable: true,

Then, in the request handler for the layout:

app.get("/", async (req, res) => {
const incoming = res.locals.podium;
const response = await gettingStarted.fetch(incoming);

if (response.redirect) {
return res
.setHeader("Location", response.redirect.location)

incoming.view.title = "Hello, Layout!";

Trigger the redirect from a podlet

Once you have configured the layout to handle a redirectable podlet, the podlet can send a Location header and the correct HTTP status code.

app.get(podlet.content(), (req, res) => {

const shouldRedirect = /* Determine whether a redirect should happen */;
if (shouldRedirect) {
return res
.setHeader("Location", "")

<div id="app">Hello, Podlet!</div>