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Client-side communication in a Podium app

Podium provides a client side library called @podium/browser that includes a MessageBus. The message bus simplifies passing data between different podlets' client-side JavaScript.

The use case

If podlet A contains an input field where a user can input a new reminder and podlet B contains a list of all reminders.

When a user inputs a new reminder in podlet A they would expect that the reminders list in podlet B is updated immediately with the new reminder.

MessageBus provides a simple mechanism for a podlet to publish events or to subscribe to receive events, in the browser.

In the example above:

  • Podlet B would subscribe to receive new reminder events.
  • Podlet A would publish a new reminder event.
  • Podlet B would update on receiving the new reminder event.

Getting Started

See the documentation for @podium/browser to get started.